Top 5 advantages of choosing a wedding in Lanzarote

Dreams really can come true, and a wedding in Lanzarote can be your dream too! Don’t break the bank by getting married in Hawaii or the Caribbean – enjoy wall to wall sunshine, white soft sandy beaches, blue skies and the time of your life. Not convinced yet? Have a look at the top five advantages of choosing a wedding in Lanzarote.

Located in the Atlantic and part of the Canary Islands chain, Lanzarote offers plenty of warm sunshine, glowing beaches, and crystalline waters to serve as the backdrop of your wedding day.

Of course, no one should just jump ahead and plan a wedding in a tropical hotspot without considering the advantages first!

1. Perfect Weather

It’s very hard to predict what the weather is going to be like on your wedding day in the UK. If it gets stormy without warning, your entire ceremony can be ruined. You may do your best to prepare for such circumstances, but nature can still throw some surprises in your path.

Getting married in Lanzarote, offers you an almost guarantee that your day is going to be warm and sunny, no matter when you plan your big day.

2. Romantic Setting

There’s nothing quite as beautiful or romantic as getting married on the beach next to clear blue waters. Your big day coupled with perfect temperatures and great weather serves as the perfect setting for your nuptials. Most couples hope to stay together for a lifetime, so why not get it right the first time around?

3. Perfect Lighting

Couples often hire a videographer or a photographer to document their special ceremonies. Of course, the one thing that no one really thinks about is the lighting and the time of day. Getting married during a thunderstorm or late in the evening doesn’t offer very many photo opportunities. Lanzarote is almost always sunny, so you can be assured that all moments of your day are captured beautifully.

4. Truly Personal

Not all couples want a big wedding in the middle of the city. If you’re opting to invite just close friends and family, a more intimate spot with plenty of privacy is the recipe for success. Unfortunately, very few places are untamed in our natural world, and even fewer places offer privacy away from gaping eyes, other than Lanzarote of course!

5. Stay For The Honeymoon

When you tie the knot on a tropical island, why not stay for the honeymoon as well? Not only can you save money, but you can enjoy all that the island has to offer. You can go scuba diving or just lounge on the beach while you soak up the sun and enjoy your time together as a couple!

Getting married in a unique and off the beaten path place can add a special touch to your wedding day. Lanzarote is not only stunning year-round, but it offers couples an affordable and romantic way to express their love for one another and exchange their vows.