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As Lanzarote and Fuerteventura wedding planners, we get to experience a lot of new and interesting things on behalf of those who are getting married in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Lanzarote leads the way in the Canary Islands in the area of wine production, and an enjoyable excursion that will get you away from your holiday accommodation and into the heart of the countryside is to take a tour with Wine Tours Lanzarote.

Sue already had the pleasure of taking such a tour a little while back and today it was my turn to join her. Dan was driving us, and we were joined by six more tourists, all keen to discover the taste and texture of Lanzarote wines. We drove all the way through the main wine growing region, which is called La Geria. It is situated to the southeast of the volcanic National Park, which covers a quarter of the island’s surface, and was the scene of the last major eruptions nearly 300 years ago.

First we drove the length of La Geria from south to north, a scenic ten minute ride, while Dan gave us an outline of the tour we were just embarking on. Turning off the road just before San Bartolomé and the Campesino monument, we pulled up outside one of the best known vineyards, or “bodegas” as the Spanish call them, Bermejo.

An extraordinary feature of the whole area is the covering of volcanic ash, which was deposited in those eruptions. The more northern vineyards in Lanzarote are covered to a depth of ten to thirty centimeters by this powdery rock, refered to as “picon”. When the farmers originally returned to the land after the eruptions, the picon was seen as a suffocating barrier to the cultivation of crops, but over time they realized that it provided an ideal mulch for vines.

As you can see from my photos, today was not the sunniest summer day ever witnessed in Lanzarote! On damp days like today, the picon will preserve the humidity left by the light rain and even suck the water out of the air once the rain has stopped, which thankfully it did for us when we were outside studying the planting and admiring the magnificent landscape.

We tried two wines at Bermejo – a light dry white and a rosé. Sue and I knew the former already. It had been her boss’s favourite when she was working as an estate agent, a few years before she became the top Lanzarote wedding planner. Both wines were delicious, although our German friends found the white a little too light for their taste. We also had a Belgian couple in our group, while our last two companions came from England.

Our second stop was high up on the outskirts of La Asomada at a bijou vineyard run by a charming couple Alfredo and Begi. The picon here was a bit deeper and you could see that Alfredo had his work cut out simply maintaining the walls that crown the pits in which the vines grow. His passion is all the more evident, when you realize that all the maintenance has to be done outside of office hours, because his day job is as a lawyer down in Arrecife.

lanzarote and fuerteventura wedding planners

The warmth and charm of Casa Begi was further enhanced by a friendly welcome from their little dog Luna and two cats, all of whom clearly felt they were worthy to be the centre of attention. Begi is also an accomplished artist, and alongside the wines there is a colouful and alluring range of crafts for sale, all of which would make unique souvenirs and gifts for anybody who is getting married in Lanzarote.

For our tasting we sat round a rustic wooden table in a small room, decorated simply but tastefully, with a long row of windows on one side, affording views over the vines and slopes of La Geria. This time we were to discover and red and a white. The white was a blend of grapes this time. The first bodega had given us a white made from the island’s most popular and well known grape, the malvasía volcánica. Here it was combined with ten per cent Listan Blanco. The result was a softer wine with flavours of pears, bananas and other “white fruits”. The red reminded us all of port as we took the first whiff. The smoky intense flavours were really powerful. As Dan continued to enthuse about the viticulture, he instructed us to remember that the red had been aged in oak barrels, whereas the red at our next stop wouldn’t have been given that treatment.

Having purchased a bottle of the white, we climbed aboard for our final leg of the trip back south through La Geria. Our last bodega was another small family run affair, located at the bottom of a hill this time. Like many others its only indication on the roadside is a simple sign pointing up an unmade track, bearing the word “vino”. El Tablero is run by a former taxi driver. I had been here before and remember trying a wonderful dry white wine that was positively bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

Before going inside to try the wine, Dan took us into the heart of the vineyard. We were all fascinated as he explained how these vines were planted on a bed of picon which was several meters thick; the prevailing north easterly trade winds had blown the ash more in this direction.

lanzarote and fuerteventura wedding planners

El Tablero was also our destination for a tasty tapas lunch. But before we dipped into dishes of beautifully prepared tuna and pork, Dan talked us through the tasting. The white was the lovely wine that I remembered. The red was lighter and frutier than the red from the previous stop and seriously pleasant to boot. A bottle was duly purchased.

As we sipped and supped together the atmosphere became very convivial. Our companions regaled us with amusing stories from their travels, while we swopped opinions of the wines and chatted over the characteristics of the delicious food. As different ones got up from the table to put their nose outside and take more pictures, we came to the common conclusion that we were now actually in a cloud.

As I look back and muse on a very enjoyable day, it makes me realize that one reason we have the edge over other Lanzarote and Fuerteventura wedding planners is that we can offer couples getting married in Lanzarote experiences like these. We are really privileged to have great business partners whose services we can recommend wholeheartedly. You can find them all on our website, and between them they provide everything you could want to complement to your dream wedding, including the very best deals in flights and Lanzarote holiday accommodation. Look on our website under “a little extra”, or click here https://rocksandrosesweddings.com/a-little-extra/

Sadly wine tours Lanzarote are not available to couples getting married in Fuerteventura – that is unless they take the ferry across from Corralejo!